Club Rules

As adopted November 13, 2004, and amended on November 8, 2010, July 27, 2014, and December 7, 2014 

In order for as many members as possible to enjoy our Club, there must be some limits on what any one of us may do. The Board of Directors believes that a Club such as ours should have as few rules as possible, while still insuring the right of each member to enjoy the Club is preserved. These rules are intended to protect the integrity of Rockwell Springs as a premier fishing club and your cooperation in observing them is essential to the well being of the Club and its members. 

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Membership, Admissions, and Member Accounts

  • Classes
  • Nominations
  • Fees and Dues
  • Member Accounts
1.1 There are six classes of membership - Senior, Senior Emeritus, Junior, Social, Non-Resident, and Member Emeritus. Rockwell Springs Trout Club does not have corporate or family memberships. All memberships are recorded in an individual's name. Transfers of memberships are permitted only to family members, at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The spouse of any member is entitled to the use of the Club's facilities, at whatever level the member is entitled, except for fishing privileges. Member's spouses who wish to fish will be charged the daily guest fee unless the member has paid the Annual Family Fishing Fee.

A. A Senior Membership is the standard membership in the Club and requires payment of the entire Senior Member initiation fee and Senior Membership dues. Senior Members have full use of the Club's facilities and voting rights at the Annual Meeting.

B. A Senior Member whose age, added to the number of years they have been a member of the Club, totals at least 100, may request to become a Senior Emeritus member. The annual dues for Senior Emeritus Members are set at 1/3 of the Senior Membership dues. The number of Senior Emeritus Memberships may be limited by the Board of Directors. In the event that there are more requests for Senior Emeritus status than there are openings available, the members with the highest total of age plus years as a member, will receive the available openings. Senior Emeritus Members have full use of the Club's facilities but do not have voting rights at the Annual Meeting. The Board of Directors may set a higher transfer fee for the family members of members who elect Senior Emeritus status.

C. A Junior Membership is available to applicants 39 years old or younger. Junior Members must pay the same initiation fee as Senior Members, but will be permitted to pay the initiation fee in installments according to a schedule determined by the Board of Directors. The annual dues for Junior members are set at 1/2 of the Senior Membership dues. Junior Members have full use of the Club's facilities but do not have voting rights at the Annual Meeting. Junior Members must complete their initiation fee payment during the year in which they reach their 40th birthday. At the beginning of the dues year in which they reach their 41st birthday they will become Senior Members and begin paying full Senior Membership dues.

D. Social Memberships are available to individuals who do not wish to fish at the Club but would like to use the other facilities. Social Members must pay 1/4 of the Senior Membership initiation fee. Social Member dues are set at 100% of the Senior Member dues. Social Members have full use of the Club's facilities except for fishing and do not have voting rights at the Annual Meeting.

E. A Senior or Junior Member may request a transfer to Non-Resident Membership status upon satisfying the following requirements:

1. Must be current member in good standing with a minimum of five consecutive years of membership. Must be current member in good standing with a minimum of five consecutive years of membership.
2. Must have permanent residence and principal place of employment beyond a radius of 250 miles from the Club grounds and a temporary residence within that radius for no more than 30 days per year.

The annual dues for Junior Non-resident Members are set at 1/2 of the Junior Membership dues. Non-Resident Members have full use of the Club's facilities but do not have voting rights at the Annual Meeting. A Non-Resident Member who no longer satisfies the residency criteria for Non-resident Membership will revert to the applicable membership.

F. Emeritus Memberships may be granted by the Board of Directors to individuals who have served the Club in an extraordinary manner. The terms of such memberships will be determined by the Board of Directors. 
1.2 A nomination for membership is initiated by the submission of a printed nomination form, available from the Club office, which must be completed and accompanid by a written recommendation and payments in accordance with instructions appearing on the form. Nomination forms will be distributed only to current Club members and will not be given directly to prospective nominees. The names of all new nominees will be announced to the membership and nominations for membership are subject to the approval of a reviewing committee and the Board of Directors.
1.3 The initiation fees, annual dues, "intra-family" transfer fees, and other charges are determined by the Board of Directors.
1.4 Annual dues and all charges for sales and services furnished to a member, family members, and guests are placed on the member's account. The Board may limit or suspend the credit of any member whose account is in arrears. A late payment charge may be added to those accounts in arrears. Any member whose account is in arrears, including a member whose dues have not been paid in full by January 31, may also be disciplined by suspension or expulsion by action of the Board of Directors.

Governance and Rules Enforcement

  • Annual Meeting
  • Board of Directors
  • Officers and Committees
  • Monitoring of Rules
  • Enforcement Procedures
2.1 The date, time and place of the Annual Meeting will be announced by mail to all Senior Members not less than seven or more than 60 days in advance of the meeting. Only Senior Members are entitled to vote at the meeting. 
2.2 The Board of Directors consists of between 9 and 15 members. At the Annual Meeting the Senior Members elect 3 to 5 Directors for a term of three years. 
2.3 The Board of Directors elects the officers of the Club; the President appoints the various committee chairs and the committee chairs select the committee members, subject to Board approval. 
2.4 All officers, directors, and committee members and the Club manager are designated as monitors for the purpose of noting and enforcing Club rules. All members are urged to join with the monitors in calling attention to and reporting violations. 
2.5 A violation should be called to the attention of the violator as soon as observed so the infraction can be corrected immediately. The Board is authorized to determine the appropriate disciplinary action, such as a written warning, suspension of Club privileges, or termination of membership without reimbursement for dues. 

Fishing Rules

  • Fishing Privileges
  • Catch and Release
  • Fishing Tackle, Methods and Procedures
3.1 Fishing is restricted to properly registered members, their family and guests. Appropriate badges must be displayed while fishing. All fishing will be conducted according to the stream rules as published and distributed by thc Club. 
3.2 "Catch and Release" privileges can be obtained on an annual or daily basis. Only those anglers familiar with the correct procedures for releasing fish unharmed should sign up for "Catch and Release". Fishermen not registered for "Catch and Release" may not release fish under any circumstance. No one may release any fish that are caught in areas identified by signs which read "releasing fish is not permitted in this area at this time". All fish caught in these areas must be kept. The Grinton's Gulch and Sadler's Meadow areas north of Vickery Road are designated as "Catch and Release ONLY' areas. Only those fishermen registered for "Catch and Release" may fish in this area. "Catch and Release" fishing is restricted to barbless hooks. Members and guests who are going to release fish are encouraged to use nets designed for "Catch and Release" fishing; the use of nylon nets while fishing "Catch and Release" is discouraged. 
Fishing is restricted to flycasting with a fly rod, using only artifcial flies dressed upon a single hook.
B. All fishing must be conducted according to the rules as published. All members and their guests are required to familiarize themselves with these rules prior to fishing. 

General Rules

  • Guests
  • Children
  • Fishing Groups
  • Charges and Gratuities
  • Drinking
  • Clothing
  • Personal Behaviour
  • Prohibited Acts
  • Dogs and Other Pets
  • Handicapped Parking
4.1 All guests, minors, and groups must be accompanied by a member. Members are responsible for their guests and must be certain that they understand and obey Club rules and are instructed in the proper use of a fly rod and fishing etiquette. The number of times within a stated period an individual may be a guest at the Club is subject to determination by the Board of Directors.
4.2 Members are responsible for the conduct of their children or grandchildren. 
4.3 While members are entitled and encouraged to bring fishing guests to the Club, it is important to recognize that the Club's fishing facilities are not unlimited. Any member who plans to bring more than 12 fishing guests to the Club must inform the Club of such plans as far in advance as possible. 
4.4 Members are responsible for the charges incurred by members of their family and by their guests. No cash is accepted at the club other than in payment for tackle and all charge slips must be signed by the member or the guest of a member, along with a notation of the member's name and the member's number. Billing is made only to members. Gratuities for service may be provided by noting either an amount or a percentage on the charge slip; unless an amount or percentage greater than 15% is noted on the charge slip, a 15 percent gratuity is added automatically to the meal and bar charges and ten cents per fish is added as a gratuity for fish cleaned. 
4.5 While alcoholic beverages consumed in a rented room are not required to be purchased from the Club, members and guests are respectfully requested to note that the bar is an important source of revenue to the Club. All alcoholic beverages consumed outside a rented room must be purchased from the club and no beverages of any kind are permitted in the fishing area. 
4.6 Attire appropriate to a family fishing club, i.e., shoes and a shirt, is required to be worn in all arcas of the Club. In addition, hats and eye protection are recommended. 
4.7 Loud or profane language and abusive or boisterous behavior are unacceptable at Rockwell Springs and will not be tolerated. 
4.8 The following are not permitted on the Club grounds:
A. The discharging of firearms or hunting.
B. The use of campers, recreational vehicles, or power driven carts, except as may be approved by the Club.
C. Camping or picnicking. 
4.9 Pets must be kept under control at all times. Pets are not permitted in the Clubhouse or in the fishing areas under any circumstances, and are subject to such additional restrictions that may be imposed by the Board of Directors. The Club is to be notified of any pets that will be kept in an overnight room, and an additional fee may be charged for pets kept in a room. A member is responsible for any damage done by a pet belonging to the member or their guests and the member is responsible for seeing to it that pets permitted to be in overnight rooms are kept off the beds and all other furniture. An exercise area and kennel facilities are available. Pets are not permitted to be tethered anywhere on the Club grounds. 
 4.10 Parking in the space where the "handicapped" parking symbol appears is restricted to vehicles displaying a "handicapped sticker or a "handicapped license plate.